American Airlines Makes Equity Investment in Universal Hydrogen

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One of our favorite podcasts is How I Built This with Guy Raz, and on this week’s show, Guy talks with our CEO Paul Eremenko about how Universal Hydrogen is moving the commercial aviation industry to an abundant and clean-burning fuel source — hydrogen.

In a wide-ranging 45-minute conversation, Paul shares a bit about his childhood and his education as an engineer (with a detour to law school) until eventually working his way into leadership positions at Airbus and United Technologies, posts that prepared him to cofound Universal Hydrogen.

“You will be able to fly on hydrogen with a major regional airline… for a ticket price that will be equivalent or lower, with the comfort that the airplane is producing nothing but water.”

Commercial air travel only accounts for 7% or so of carbon emissions, but the expected growth will push that share higher as other modes of transportation follow clearer paths to decarbonization. Aviation has to keep up with the rest to grow at its current pace. Paul explains on the show how Universal Hydrogen is going about creating that future by solving the power-train issue in the near term (with hydrogen-electric retrofit kits) and developing a new logistics system for refueling planes with green hydrogen that avoids us having to replace today’s massive jet-fuel infrastructure.

Together with our partners and key stakeholders across the airline and hydrogen production industry, we’re transitioning flight to an abundant clean-burning fuel source.

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